Custom Christmas Cracker Ideas for Spa-Themed Parties

18 February 2020
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An increasing number of people are discovering the enjoyment of having themed parties during the Christmas holidays. These parties can be non-secular and can include all members of the family, a group of friends or even co-workers. One of the ways that people are taking advantage of these themed holiday parties is to have custom Christmas crackers created. Here are a few ideas that you could use if a spa-themed holiday party is on your list:  Read More 

Spice Up Drinks with an Easy Ginger Syrup

26 October 2017
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Ginger is a common ingredient in both sweet and savoury dishes around the world, and it is one of the most widely-used spices there is. Despite its frequent use in various foods, you don't often see fresh ginger used in drinks, which is a real shame. The easiest way to use ginger in a wide range of different drinks is to make a syrup. It might sound complicated, but it's actually a very straightforward process that saves a lot of time compared to using fresh ginger every time you make a drink. Read More 

The Sweetest Thing: Hints And Tips For Organising A Confectionery Bar At Your Wedding Reception

7 July 2017
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Planning a wedding reception is always a complicated process, and one of the most pressing concerns for any future bride and groom is keeping their guests properly fed (if only to soak up all the alcohol). However, the seemingly endless tables of generic buffet items served at many receptions aren't exactly exhilarating, and many couples prefer to add a more distinctive touch to their reception spread. With that in mind, wedding reception confectionery bars are becoming more and more popular, and a well-planned, properly arranged candy bar at your reception can truly wow your guests, as well as giving them something sweet to remember your day by. Read More 

Restaurateurs: Preserve Flavour and Your Bottom Line With These Spud Storage Tips

4 May 2016
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As a restaurant owner, you always have to think about taste and your bottom line, and the way you store your potatoes can affect both of these issues. Want to ensure you're storing your spuds correctly? Take a look at these tips: 1. Store some of your potatoes in a cool, dark place. When you buy commercial bulk potatoes, you need a cool, dark space to store them. Ideally, you want a pantry where the average temperature is between 7 and 10 degrees Celsius. Read More